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Lose the Baggage
Wondering if this is all there ever is?

Can you really change after all this time?

If you notice some repeat patterns that end up with you feeling frustrated, confused, lonely or hopeless then you've probably got some "emotional baggage"  that needs to be unpacked, donated or burned.

This is your opportunity to make real and lasting changes to your life. No one can do it for you.

But I can certainly give you the tools to get unstuck from the past and create your dream future.

That's What I Want!
Get Into Action
If you know the direction of your desires but find yourself stuck in where or how to start?

Your life isn't waiting for you.  

It's not easy for highly successful people to be stuck in drama or a situation they can't find their way out of.  

Most people have a hard time admitting they actually need some help.  Especially in the emotional department.

If you've been trying and spinning wheels about a situation or lifestyle change and can't make much headway, the good news is... you're not alone.

I can help you navigate yourself though any metaphorical quagmire by pinpointing the exact habit or choices that will elevate you to the place you long to be.

Yes, That's Me!
Find True Happiness
For too many of us, we settle for a success that requires a sacrifice of our personal health or happiness.

Your life's work is important.  Your family is important.  I get it.  But at what expense?

At a cost that usually includes stress, anxiety, unhealthy coping mechanisms and unhappy relationships.

I think I can help you balance this out and truly experience fulfillment without having to give up on your personal or professional life.

There are forces of unseen effect and it's within our capabilities to co~create with these forces.

By looking deeper into the patterns and timing and intentions of your deepest desires, you can align yourself with the goodness of life and ALL it's bounty.
Let's Do This!
How Can I Help You?
Hi, I'm Emily.
I am a Life Alignment Coach and I help women who feel lost and depleted take the steps they need to recover, heal, trust, and excel at their visions.

I help women uncover their potentials and hope when they are stuck in some form of pain or trauma and possibilities seem limited.  

I guide women to the next level of life so they can move on and rediscover who they are and what they love.

My work builds confidence and intuition.
We create a workable plan to help you achieve your deepest desires.

No need to stay stuck in a Funk.
Get Help.
Just because you're extremely talented in one or most areas of life doesn't mean you have to go through this struggle alone.

It's hard to admit we need help and it's often only when we've hit the wall for the 10th.....100th

Come on....10,000th time, do we finally accept that we may need help navigating these waters.

This is a different kind of help...mental, emotional and spiritual.

I'm good at what I do so you can get back to what you love.

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If you are interested in beginning a new chapter or rising to your soul's calling and could use some help and support, this link will set us up with a free 30 minute call.  Simply click the giant button below and find a time that works for you.
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